Monday, June 7, 2010

One More Chance

June 8, 2010 is the five hundred and forty-sixth day since me and my loving wife got married on December 8, 2008!  I have to admit that I'm kinda lonely when the eighth day of the month comes in. We don't get to celebrate our monthsaries like we used to. Anyway, the following entry is taken from our wedding website and I am proud to share to you guys our love story.

Jay's Story

December 8, 1995, a day Yayeng and I will both remember for the rest of our lives. A day more than twelve years ago since we became lovers.

I can still remember how she gave her heart to me to become my one and only… I was at the newly opened Enchanted Kingdom at Sta. Rosa, Laguna celebrating the eighteenth birthday of my friend Cathy that day. I think she was waiting for me but I and my friends went home past midnight. Too bad there were no Nokia’s or Sony Ericsson’s yet.

The following morning, our friend Ate Jen gave me an envelope and told me that it was supposed to be given to me the other night. I know it was from my labs because we have been communicating through correspondence and over the phone for months. When I opened the envelope, I saw a self-made card with an “I LOVE YOU” written with two color-etched hearts on white paperboard. It totally froze the guts in me made me excited and nervous at the same time.

I asked her what the card is all about. She said that she made that card years back and she promised herself that she will only give it to the one she loves and who truly deserves it. Hearing that from her made me the happiest man on earth.

Every day and every night we were together is the best of all times. The two-hour telephone chats at night, the weekend movies and strolling at Megamall, the Sunday church masses, all the monthsaries, and most of all, planning your future. We both chose to study at UST where I took up Civil Engineering and she took up Interior Designing. We said to ourselves that we will be partners for life even in the profession we will be having.

But like all lovers, we faced a lot of challenges. We have been through a lot of “on and off relationships” from the time when we were still studying until the time we were already working. Ours may not be the perfect relationship but the challenges in our life as lovers made us stronger for the past twelve years. God is really good, He finds ways to make things happen. Ours is truly a Divine Intervention.

We are ending our “One More Chance” love story as boyfriends or girlfriends on December 8, 2008 and we will be starring in a new chapter as HUSBAND AND WIFE.

Yayeng's Story

Amidst the entire buzz where I will be part of the santacruzan as “Reyna Fe”, I’ve met new people, had the opportunity to bond with barkadas from manggahan and was introduced to a guy who I never thought would play a significant role in my life…

I had a vivid recall of that first formal introduction by Badds.

Shei, si Jay pinsan ko.
Ah oo. Kilala ko cia. Di ba taga St. Johns ka at classmate mo si Ireneo?

He just nodded. So much for small talk. We didn’t have much in common. I find him obnoxious being a student from St. Johns. But in a way, his nerdy personality made a certain impact back then. Somehow, it made me curious who is the real Jayson Quitiquit.

1995, was a roller coaster ride of my life. I started going out late at night to watch band practices and gigs, some people started hating me for reasons I do not know, I experienced my 1st heartache, and quite unexpectedly, I had a 2nd chance at Love. C”,)

After that short introduction on May 1993, Jay and I went on with our lives having different set of friends. 2 years later we started becoming close when they started their band.

There was always an invitation from him to watch their band practice. He even gave me a souvenir picture of their band. Long conversations would start from small talks whenever our paths would cross. He would often borrow my guitar and would hang out in front of our store. Sometimes he would help on my assignments. C”,) I didn’t realize that those gestures could lead into a meaningful friendship between us.

It was unexpected…to have received a love letter from him. I didn’t realize that I am getting affected by the attention that he's giving. If not for the incident where we brought him to the hospital, I wouldn’t realize that I am having the same feelings.

It took a lot of courage to finally decide and tell him that I feel the same. So on DEC 8, 1995, I gave my heart to him. It was through a simple card I made years back as part of my artistic expression. One day, I would give that to the one person I truly love.

The phone conversations till 4:00 in the morning, movies and strolls in the mall, exchange of notes and letters, concerts and band practices that I enjoy watching, planning for our career and our future – those were the best times of my life.

But it was a short lived romance. Like any other relationship, we have to part ways…For so many times.

I never understood until now, why we have to break-up several times. It helped us worked on our immaturities, experienced a lot of hardships, and met some people who in a way have helped us realized who and what matters most to us.

I thought that our last break-up in 2005 would be the end of “US”…for good. We never saw each other. When I went home from Brunei last May 2006, he was the one who fetched me at the airport together with our Ninong Nolan. He was there at my most difficult moment, but we can’t be together anymore.

For some time we went on with our lives…

Quite a small world to live - still having the same group of friends, working in a small industry, connected through ym and other social sites, with no communication at all, I felt that he's just near me, but, I know that we were really growing apart.

It was really His Divine Intervention that paved way to our reconciliation. 14 years after our first meeting on May 1993, we met again and had a long talk on May 2007. I was nervous coz I do not know what to say to him. It was incredible because I never imagined seeing him again. I went to see him with no expectations in mind, and just a desire to finally close any connection between the two of us.

It was like old times, except for the fact that we are not a couple anymore. We talked. Ate lunch and talked some more. Before we parted ways, we had dinner reminiscing the old times, wondering if one of us did change.

He accompanied me to the FX Terminal on my way home. Finally, I felt peace.

I think two people who really love each other, no words are needed to keep them together. Without realizing it, we were back in each other’s arms. Time, days, weeks, months passed, unnoticeable. We were so happy and we were inseparables.

After 12 years of being together, having an on and off relationship, we decided to end this boyfriend-girlfriend relationship last January.

We will start our lifelong dream. That is, to be together for the rest of our lives as “HUSBAND AND WIFE”. On DEC 8, 2008, we will renew our commitment of LOVE that we made 13 years ago. It was on this same day, Dec 8, 1995, that I gave the TWO COLOR-ETCHED HEARTS CARD...I gave my heart to my One True Love.


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