Monday, August 2, 2010

My Super One

me and my super one

SMS 1, 6am (Saudi Time): hi labs, gud morning! how’s evrythng? wt r u n d kids doin ryt now?


SMS 2, 12nn (Saudi Time): hi labs, im taking my lunchbrk. r u still busy?


SMS 3, 4pm (Saudi Time): hi labs, i stil hav an hour 2 go b4 i can go home. txt me when u can. i miss u


When I left our country to work here in the deserts of the Kingdom of Saudi, I and my wife (who was five months preggy at that time) had an agreement to have a constant communication so that we will not “forget” each other. Constant for us means calling often, at least once a week, and a lot of exchange of SMS. We were like boyfriend and girlfriend always excited and waiting for every text message. A “no reply” to every message sent will really mean war! The five hours of time difference between us is not enough to stop us from this routine that lasted for several months.

here's our wedding photo presentation

Our daily habit changed when Les Paul and Lei Xander, or collectively known as “The Wonder Twins”, came into our lives. These little angels instantly became our top most priority in everything we do. Though I really miss the hourly messages, I truly understand why my wife has lessened the time communicating with me. She can only reply to my text messages at the end of their day, around nine or ten in the evening, or when the kids are sleeping. Most of the time, I really feel sorry that I am not around to help her in raising our kids because I know that nurturing two active boys is really a painstaking responsibility. My labs even told me that she now has less time to take care of herself because her main concern is to become a great mother to our twin sons.

the wonder twins with their proud lolas

Her dedication to me as my wife and to the twins as SUPERNANAY is something that I really admire. Being a mother and father at the same time is a difficult task only superheroes are capable of but believe me, she did it. No Psylocke, no Storm, no Kristala, and no Darna can ever equal my wife – there are no other women I know who have the courage and determination like hers.

 super nanay with les paul and lei xander

I was the luckiest and happiest man alive when we got married in 2008. When she became the mother to my children, I felt even more. I am assured that even though I am in a distance from them, our sons will grow happily and we will have a great family because there is a special woman looking after them.

Supernanay will always be my Super One.

This is my official entry to “Super One Blogger Contest: Win an Android Phone!”. Globe Telecom’s Super One allows you to call and text that special one as often as you want to.

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